12-21-2012 The End of the World

Friday, December 21, 2012

12-21-2012 the end of the world master tutak radio

Tales of the Maya have come and gone ... And for that reason, some people killed themselves, others have lived in constant panic, and even decided to sacrifice their pets in order to avoid them to suffer the End of the World. Surely, some lined their pockets selling indestructible bunkers to dumb people who thought the World was ending on December 21, 2012. And now it is the time in many parts of the planet, and I wonder ... which face have those who are armored underground waiting for the end? ... Maybe some of them think a God heard their prayers and then the inhabitants of Earth have a new opportunity on life, or perhaps, at this very moment, someone is beating their head against a wall, repeating: How did I believe them? ... I'm stupid!.

Sometimes we do not imagine the magnitude of a rumor. Lives were lost, and for them the world is so over. But meanwhile, many others are here. Those who believed and those who did not believe ever ... And I prefer to think the theory about December 21 has to do with  a change of Era. And I'm sure that it does not depend on the location of the planets, not the destination, or the governments. It is in ourselves, the opportunity to create a better World, that we have destroyed enough. But while there is life there is hope. And why not to think that each of us can put a bit to improve our environment? We just have to end up with our own "Bad World". And it would not be so hard, I think we have to focus more on how good we are, we have to smile, to be honest, and above all, we have to be aware that everything that comes out of us, will return someday, whether good or bad ...

Planet Earth is still here, as always, mistreated ... Humanity is here, as always, lost ... It is not over, but the truth is that, do not matter the date, we have the great chance to do our best efforts to make our little blue molehill a better place to live, changing our mentality.

Written by Miriam Villalobos.


Hendrik Sudirman said...

Very right, Sir. We don't know surely when this world will end. Yet, I am really sure that as long as we are all here as humans still treat this earth wisely and help each other, the earth will not ask its creator to destroy it. Nice to greet u here from Indonesia. Happy new year and stayed blessed

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