Lady Gaga rejected an invitation from Madonna

Sunday, November 11, 2012

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It is no secret the gap between the great queen of pop, Madonna and the eccentric Lady Gaga. Is Madonna jealous of Lady Gaga's current success? Or just Madonna is rejecting the fact that she could be her mother (because of the age)? For one reason or other, we can not cover the sun with one finger. And Madonna will always be the Queen of Pop.

In order to dig a little deeper into the crack between them. Madonna has confessed to her fans during a concert in St Paul, Minnesota, that she invited Lady Gaga to get on stage with her, and all she found was a rejection by the young lady. Ironically, Madonna said it's not the first time she is turned down and took the incident as a silly joke.

On more than one occasion, Madonna has shown that the song "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga sounds similar to her success of the 80 "Express yourself". The Queen of Pop even has played a mix of both songs in some of her concerts. and Madonna said to the NBC that she was happy to have helped as inspiration, in a totally ironic way. 

Some insist on saying that Lady Gaga is used for Madonna to keep in the forefront of entertainment and news. Others say that Lady Gaga takes, nowadays, the same attitude with Madonna, that, at the time, Madonna used to take with Cher. The truth is that both singers will always have their fans and detractors. And both are part of showbussiness. But, not always, someone is able to reject the Queen of Pop.

News written by: Miriam Villalobos


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